Medical Care

In order to provide and maintain Clinical Excellence, each of our Aged Care Facilities is dedicated to ensuring our staff are provided with education to ensure they keep abreast of current trends in Aged Care.

New Riviera Health employees are provided with a comprehensive orientation package. This package includes a Position Description, Duty Statements for each shift and Riviera Health Policies. The orientation process at Riviera Health Facilities gives new employees the information they require to uphold the high standards in the health care provided at each facility.

Our nurses receive continuous education on such subjects as:

  • Personal care which involves caring for teeth/dentures, washing and showering, foot care, and eye care
  • Behaviour management
  • Fire Safety
  • Dementia training
  • Complex nursing care which involves caring for diabetics and complex wound management
  • Management of Incontinence
  • Work Health and Safety training

Nursing staff are also given the opportunity to attend education provided by each facility. They are encouraged to attend seminars and conferences. Each facility invites guest speakers, who are experts in their field, to provide education about many and varied topics. We also provide motivational training for our Registered Nurses, Endorsed Enrolled Nurses, Certificate IV Nurses and Assistants in Nursing. Each nurse employed with Riviera Health must complete annual competencies to ensure the skills they perform are of the highest standard.

Each facility provides placement opportunities for student nurses who are studying their Certificate 3 and 4 in Aged Care. Placements are for a minimum of 2 weeks and the students work together with our nurses to ensure they are given a very practical, comprehensive and rewarding experience.