• What are visiting hours?

    Visiting hours are just as they would be at home – we fit in with your family and friends. Public transport is close to all our homes and maintaining relationships inside and outside the home is of the utmost importance to us and our residents. Friends and family are encouraged to visit as you would like. Our homes provide special-occasion meals, birthday gatherings, Christmas lunches and any and all celebrations that are important to your family.

  • What is the Staff to Resident Ratio?

    We don’t operate on a formula but we operate on a ratio to care. We give nursing care as required by residents and their particular circumstances at the time.

  • Can I have my own doctor?

    Yes, provided that the doctor is willing to visit the facility. Alternatively we have doctors who regularly visit and who would be happy to accept a new patient.

  • Can my family take my washing home?

    Yes they can, we will put a sign up in your room to remind the staff. The facility will apply name tags to all resident clothing, at no extra cost. We suggest that you still have name tags applied, as some clothing may still be sent to our laundry.

  • Where do I have meals?

    All residents are encouraged to have their meals in the dining room, but meals can be taken in your room. The Main meal of the day is at lunch time, with a lighter meal being served around tea time. Meal times are detailed in the facility handbook.

  • Do you cook the meals at the facility?

    Yes, all meals are prepared and cooked daily on-site.

  • Can you cater for a special diet?

    Yes, any special dietary requirements can be accommodated. It is a good idea to discuss any special requirements prior to admission to enable us to be prepared.

  • Can I have money with me?

    For High Care residents, we recommend, for security reasons, that you only keep a maximum of $5 – $10. All facilities provide a “cash-free” environment. Charges for hairdressing, trips out, Melbourne Cup Tips etc etc can be applied to your account.

  • Special Events

    If you wish to celebrate a special event such as a wedding anniversary, birthday etc, we are happy to make a room available for you and your family and friends. Please discuss with your facility manager.

  • Religious Services

    Various Religious services are offered at all of our facilities. Please discuss your particular requirements with the Activity Officers.