2012 Year of Accreditation

January 6, 2013

Is achieving Accreditation for 3 years a big deal? Yes it is. There is not one Aged Care provider out there who could look you in the eye and say anything different.

But does it mean that Riviera Health will be doing anything different this year? No, absolutely not – Riviera Health are committed and always have been, to providing the best possible care to each of our residents at any of our 5 facilities.

We continue to offer education opportunities to all of our staff to ensure they are up-to-date in Best Practice developments in all areas of Aged Care, as well as pursuing and implementing quality improvements to your environment and resident lifestyle areas.
3 years Accreditation is the icing on the cake and the pat-on-the back all our hardworking staff deserve.

2012 Sydney Expo

January 6, 2013

We have all been quite busy at Sydney ExpoRiviera Health over these past couple months and in addition we had the monumental task of organising our stand at the Sydney Retirement and Lifestyle Expo and putting together the 1,000’s of “show bags” for distribution at the show. A big Thank You has to go to the dedicated Riviera Staff who volunteered to man the stall over a successful 3 day period.