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Riviera Health, Real Quality Living for the Elderly

Riviera Health is based on the practise of "person centred care" - care that's based on the wants, needs and requirements of each individual person in our care.



Spring: Consider Spring Cleaning your resident’s wardrobe – with Their assistance of course. Time to give those undies and singlets, odd socks etc the once over and maybe throw out the old and in with a few new pairs. Use this is an opportunity to work out what to buy for Birthdays and …….Christmas.


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Getting Started

QuestionmarkHave you been advised to find a Residential Aged Care Facility?  Or maybe you are just thinking about it but don’t really know where to start?  We have prepared a 5 Steps Guide to assist you.


5 Steps Guide

Working out the Costs

dreamstime xs 18972589Basic fees are set by the Department of Social Services. 

For anyone entering care for the first time from 1st July 2014 onwards, the fees and charges have changed. You may be asked to pay a Residential Aged Deposit, or a Daily Accommodation Payment or a combination of both. Please visit the locations tab above and/or contact any of our facilities and talk to the friendly support team.

Selecting a home

dreamstime xs 19600912Finding the right home can be stressful and confusing.

We generally recommend families look at aprox, 3 different facilities, before making a decision.  There are lots of things you should look for and questions that you need to ask. 

Download your free Check List now!

Moving and Settling In

Once you choose a home, the next step is moving in. 

dreamstime xs 20375388To help with settling-in, we suggest that you prepare the room in advance with the addition of a few personal items from home such as family photographs, a favourite picture, and maybe a favourite doona cover.  Clothing can also be brought in and we will apply name tags, free of charge.